Conservation Commission

Sharon Seal

Sharon Seal

Conservation Commission Members

  • Anne Booth
  • Anne Fischer
  • Mitch Call (alternate)
  • Ken Callahan
  • John MacEachran
  • Don Hart

Meetings: Are held monthly, on the 2nd Monday at 7:00 p.m. in the Sharon Meeting House on Route 123.

Today, the town has approximately 380 residents living in more than 110 dwellings. The town encompasses a total of 9956 acres.

A Conservation Fund was enacted in 1994 at Town Meeting. It allocates 100% of the use change tax penalty (assessed when property is taken out of current use) to the Fund. The Fund can: acquire land, contribute toward acquiring land, cover costs associated with acquisition (title searches, surveys, deed registrations), pay for legal costs for donated land, etc.