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2017 Annual Report (click here)

Municipal Resource Guide (click here)

  • Information for Sharon residents
  • Names and contact information for Town officials


Winter Road Policy (click here)


Minutes – Sharon Board of Selectmen

Click here to view approved minutes of meetings of the Sharon Board of Selectmen.

Hazard Mitigation Plan – Draft

2016 Hazard Mitigation Plan – Draft


Proposed 2017 Changes to the Zoning Ordinance


Zoning and Building Ordinances and Regulations

Table of Contents  (Revised March 10, 2015)

Zoning and Building Ordinance  (Revised March 8, 2016)

Land Subdivision Control Regulations  (Revised August 9, 2011)

Site Plan Review Regulations  (Revised March 8, 2016)

Site Plan Review Regulations Governing Earth Excavations (Revised March 8, 2016)

Site Plan Review Regulations Governing Large Wind Energy Systems (Revised March 8, 2016)

Earth Excavation Regulations  (Revised October 26, 2011)

Large Wind Energy System Regulations (Approved February 12, 2013)


Rules of Procedure:


Sharon Master Plan 2002 (Version 3) – size 4.1 MB

The Planning Board voted to approve the Master plan
on Monday, January 6, 2003.


Open Space Plan

“A Plan for the Protection of Sharon’s Open Space – July 2012”   This report was prepared by the Sharon Open Space Planning Committee, a subcommittee of the Sharon Conservation Commission, with assistance from TheMonadnock Conservancy’s Monadnock Community Conservation Partnership, and with input from the people of Sharon.

Click here to download and view a copy of the plan.


Report on Brick School House

(Prepared by Tracy Tanner Craig, August 2012)

Click here to read a very complete report on the condition of the Brick School House, including:

  • The roof
  • Brick work, masonry and mortar
  • Windows
  • Drainage
  • Interior


Building Permit


Use of Sharon Meeting House


Pistol/Revolver License

Following the provisions of RSA 159, Pistol/Revolver Licenses are issued by the Town of Sharon upon recommendation by the Peterborough Police Chief.  Applications must be submitted to the Sharon Selectmen along with an application fee of $10 (cash or check made out to “Town of Sharon”).

Here is a link to the Pistol/Revolver License application.


Other Useful Documents:

Exotic Species