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Elections & Voting

    • 2024 Town Office Election Results
      Below are the results of the Sharon Town Election on 3/12/2024.

      2024 Results

      ***Jonathan Shomody-39
      Gary Backstrom-1
      Tracy Tanner-1
      Chet Bowles-1
      Michael Williamson-1
      Diane Callahan-1
      Steve Gap-1
      Marc Laplante-2
      Lisa Hall-1
      Tyler Seppala-1

      *** Susan Bowles – 99
      Tracy Tanner – 1

      Audit Board:
      ***Jamiee Rondeau-42
      Rory Goff-1
      Barrett Golay-1
      Tahnee Seppala-1

      ***Beth Fernald-50
      Tyler Seppala-1

      Tax Collector:
      ***Karen Shea Dufresne- 104

      Town Clerk:
      ***Dianne Mitchell-104
      Tracy Tanner-1
      Lisa Hall-1

      Trustee of the Trust Funds:
      ***John LeDue-18
      Mark Fernald-1
      Chet Bowles-1
      Jim Fredrickson-1
      Diane Callahan-1
      John Maceachern-1
      Mark Hopkins-1
      Tyler Seppala-1

      Supervisor of the Checklist:
      ***Susan Bowles-103

      Supervisor of the Checklist:
      ***Patricia Joyner-103

      WARRANT ARTICLE – Zoning Amendments
      Yes-91 No-17

      Dianne Mitchell
      Town Clerk
      Sharon, NH 03458

    • Voting Dates 2024

      All voting in Sharon NH takes place in the Town Meetinghouse between the hours of 11:00 am and 7:00 pm.

      Presidential Primary – January 23

      Town Meeting – March 12 (Voting day)

      State Primary – September 10

      General Election (State and Federal) – November 5
      (Same day registration is allowed)

    • Absentee Ballots
    • Official NH Election Information

      This is the very helpful official NH website for:
      Election Officials.

    • Official NH Political Calendar

      NH political calendar for 2024 through 2025. Click to view.

    • Where do we vote in Sharon?

      Voting takes place in the Meetinghouse on at 431 Route 123, Sharon NH 03458

    • What are the voting hours?

      Voting takes place between the hours of 11:00 am and 7:00 pm. If you are out of your car and on your way into the Meetinghouse as the clock strikes 7:00 you will be allowed to vote.

    • Registering to vote in NH