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Historic Videos

Fiddler musician J.A. Taggart (1854-1943) was the fifth generation of the Taggart family to live in Sharon NH. One of his songs is played and the cellar hole of his home is visited. The story of John A. Taggart is from the New Hampshire PBS archives.

Sharon, NH – 1991 (Bicentennial Part 1) – Produced in celebration of the Town’s bicentennial (founded in 1791) and also the centennial celebration of the Sharon Reunion (first held in 1891). Interviews by Lorraine Denis (Mill Road); camera and recordings by John Derby. * Abe Collier (Temple Road) at the Brick School House * Alfred Sawyer at Silver Ranch * Lester and Pearl Stevens, Bob Young at the Stevens’ home on Jarmany Hill Road. * Wally and Vi Newton at the Newton’s home on Spring Hill Road.

Sharon, NH – 1991 (Bicentennial Part 2)

Sharon, NH – 1991 (Bicentennial Part 3)

Sharon, NH – 1991 (Bicentennial Part 4)