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Motor Vehicle Registration

You can register your vehicle with the Town Clerk during the clerk’s office hours. Registration renews yearly in the month of your birth.

(Trailers must also be registered.)

  • For a renewal registration in person, please bring a government issued photo ID, your current registration and your vehicle plate number.
  • Routine renewal registrations may be done by mail. You
    will receive a letter from the Town Clerk with your vehicles listed and fee amounts required. Return the letter with your checks (one made out to NH-DMV and one made out to the Town of Sharon NH) and the new registrations will be mailed to you.
  • For a new registration from a private sale, bring the Bill of Sale, VIN number, and the Title (if available).
  • For a new registration from a dealer sale, please bring everything that the dealer gave you.
  • Town of Sharon and State fees may be paid by cash or check (credit cards are not accepted). When paying by check, you will need two (2) checks, one made out to NH-DMV and one made out to the Town of Sharon NH.
  • The Town Clerk will provide the vehicle registration slip, plates and plate stickers.
  • Remember to take the registration slip and stickers to any State-certified station for a mandatory vehicle inspection.