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New Roof for the Brick Schoolhouse

The next time you drive past the Meeting House, please take a moment to turn into the parking lot to see the new roof on our historic Red Brick Schoolhouse!

The old roof had served for a number of years, but needed to be replaced.  The good news is that, although the shingles themselves had deteriorated, the underlayment was still in good condition so it did not need to be replaced.  And, fortunately, there was no water damage in the building.

The new cedar shingles were installed last week by Will Wildes of Temple.  As you can see from the attached pictures, Will did a wonderful job (and he seemed to be having a good time as he did the work!).

The roof replacement was done in large part by a grant from the NH Division of Historic Resources (NHDHR).  Commonly called the “Moose Plate Grants,” the program is funded by revenue generated through the sale of Conservation License Plates.  Here is a link for more information about that program:

Gina Goff researched the grant process and submitted the proposal after discussing it with the Select Board which voted unanimously to support the application.

Thanks to Gina, Will, and everyone else who was involved in this process!