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Repair to Receiving Vault

At the recommendation of the New Hampshire State Archeologist and the New Hampshire Preservation Alliance, the Town of Sharon engaged the services of Sandri Stone to repair and reposition the wall at the McCoy Road Cemetery’s Receiving Vault. Over the decades, some of the granite blocks had shifted and the wall was bowing out.

John Sandri who is certified with the Dry Stone Walling Association of Great Britain and who a member of The Stone Trust, accomplished the project in the fall. His company, based in Harrisville NH, works on rebuilding historic walls as well as on new construction projects.
The work was paid for by the Wilson II Fund (established in 1987) and supplemented by funds approved by citizens at Town Meeting in March.

Sharon’s McCoy Road Cemetery (also known as the North Cemetery) along with the Jarmany Hill Road Cemetery (also called the South Burying Ground) were both added to the New Hampshire Register of Historic Places in 2022.

Work in progress:

Work complete: