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FAQ Category: Uncategorized FAQ

  • Town Treasurer

    Contact Us Susan Bowles

  • Audit Board

    Contact Us Jamiee Rondeau

  • Moderator

    Contact Us Beth Fernald

  • Town Clerk

    Dianne Mitchell – Town Clerk 603-209-8909 (cell) Tracy Tanner – Deputy Town Clerk – 603-864-9304 Office: 603-924-9250 during office hours, or email at: Office Hours: Tues and Thurs 5:30…

  • Vital Records

    Vital records issued: Residents may meet with the Town Clerk during normal business hours, at the Sharon Meeting House, to obtain copies of certificates of Birth, Marriage, and Death. Residents…

  • Trustees of Trust Funds

    Rory Goff – Chair 603-289-0490 (Text is most effective) Jeff Osgood John LaDue Responsibilities include: Depositing funds into trusts; withdrawing funds from trusts; preparing MS-9 and MS-10…

  • Webmaster

    Rory Goff 603-289-0490 (Text is most effective) Town email: Personal email: Responsibilities include: adding/removing people from the email list; editing the website; sending out Town wide emails; posting…

  • Town Maps

    Town maps are available from the Town Clerk for a fee of $10 each (payable to the Town of Sharon, cash or check). There is limited stock of the maps,…

  • View Your Property Tax Information

    Visit Sharon’s Tax Kiosk to view property tax information online, twenty-four hours a day.

  • 2024 Town Office Election Results

    Below are the results of the Sharon Town Election on 3/12/2024. 2024 Results TOWN OFFICES Selectman: ***Jonathan Shomody-39 Gary Backstrom-1 Tracy Tanner-1 Chet Bowles-1 Michael Williamson-1 Diane Callahan-1 Steve Gap-1…