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Selectmen 2024-04-16

Selectmen Minutes
April 16, 2024

Present: Chet Bowles, Rich Dufresne, Jonathan Shomody

Call to order by Chet Bowles at 5:30 pm.

Motion to approve the minutes of 4/2/2024 (Dufresne/Shomody). All in favor, motion carried.

Motion to approve the 4/16/2024 payroll and manifest (Bowles/Dufresne). All in favor, motion carried.

Travis Brown met with the Board to review his request to obtain an FFL (Federal Firearms License). Mr. Brown has applied for two 07 FFLs, one under his name and one under Granite State Munitions. The 07 FFL, allows manufacturing, which is basically putting pieces together and giving the finished piece a serial number. Both are e-commerce businesses, one will be used for government contracts and one will be used for retail sales. He will be set up for appointment only, but most of his business will be on-line, sales will be dealer to dealer. He has gun safes at the residence and will have a required “bound book” to record chain of custody on firearms. There are no plans to sell ammunition. Mr. Brown has written permission from the homeowners and has met all ATF requirements. Advertising will be on-line and in Gunbroker. The Board asked for copies of the ATF materials. Motion to approve a home occupation for Travis Brown based upon the information submitted in Mr. Brown’s letter of description of his proposed business and submission of copies of all documentation from the ATF, Police Chief, and a letter from the homeowners (Bowles/Dufresne). All in favor, motion carried.

Signed a timber tax warrant for SPNHF.

Signed a letter to Eversource regarding power generation facilities at the request of Avitar Associates.

Signed intents to cut for the 2024-2025 for Harris Construction and SPNHF.

The Town Administrator informed the Board that an email has been sent to Barrett Golay requesting that he organize the Audit Committee to perform the audit for 2023.

Mr. Bowles:
Has received the requested paperwork from Elizabeth Prestion for the site plan review of her farm stand. This paperwork was hand delivered on 4/16/2024.

Mr. Dufresne:
The survey regarding which day the deliberative session of town meeting should be held has received responses. Mr. Dufresne would like to send an email about the results of the tally, noting this is advisory and would need to be coordinated with the Town Clerk and others.

Sandy Eneguess:
Trees came down on South Road and Nashua Road, these were taken care of.

Anne Booth:
Asked if anything has been done regarding the water, the answer was not yet.
The new signs for the town forest will be put up soon.

Ken Callahan:
The propane tank for the generator is down to 50%. The Town Administrator will contact Ciaradelli to set up an account and have the tank filled.

Karen Shea Dufresne:
The 2023 taxes have been liened.

The Board recognized Jeff Osgood and Lynn for the work they have been doing to beautify the Town House.

Motion to adjourn – Dufresne

Meeting adjourned at 6:40 pm.

Minutes taken by Debra Harling. Approved on 05/07/2024.