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Planning Board 2024-05-14

Planning Board Minutes
May 14, 2024

Present: Jeff Osgood, Bill Joyner, Gerry DeBonis, Sara Tobias, Rich Dufresne

Call to order by Jeff Osgood at 6:00 pm

Motion to approve the minutes of 4/9/2024 (Tobias/Joyner). All in favor, motion carried.

Elizabeth Preston, 40 Nashua Road, site plan review for a farm stand. Ms. Preston has temporary approval for her farm stand contingent upon the site plan review. The farm stand is agricultural, but still needs to follow setback regulations. The farm stand is within the 100’ setback. The driveway and parking is a safety issue, customers need to pull in and then back out into the road. Ms. Preston Stated that moving the farm stand to 100’ would limit the farming area, the farm stand is 4×8 exterior, the inside is smaller. Mr. Joyner has looked at the property and stated that if customers are coming from Rt 123 going toward Temple there is a possibility of 4 cars parking on the side of the road. Ms. Tobias suggested Ms. Preston put up signs regarding parking and discourage people from pulling into the driveway. Mr. Osgood stated that the setback needs to go to the ZBA. Mr. Dufresne asked Ms. Preston what she has observed for activity. Ms. Preston said she has a camera and it is low volume. There was further discussion about signage, but Ms. Preston still needs to go to the ZBA for the setback issue. Ms. Preston asked what if it was a cooler, or lemonade stand. The response was that it would still be in violation. Ms. Preston asked what if it was on wheels? If it was on wheels and could be moved it would be okay. Motion to approve the site plan for Elizabeth Preston upon the condition of appropriate signage for parking options, pending approval of the ZBA for the setback issue (Tobias/Joyner). All in favor, motion carried.

Albanese solar application – Lucian Duprese representing Sundial Solar. The application is not complete, and there will need to be a public hearing. Mr. Albanese wants to make sure the Planning Board has all the information needed.l Mr. Osgood explained that the abutter names are needed and the Eversource form is needed. Sundial Solar will pay the fees.

Mr. Osgood:
Mr. Osgood informed the Board that Rory Goff is working on a table of contents for ordinances and regulations. The order of the articles should be “tweaked”. Osgood and Goff will work on this and bring it to the Planning Board.
There is a push on at the State regarding ADUs. HB 1291 would allow an attached ADU by right and expand the size. The Town could still require permits for detached ADUs. HB 1399 would allow two ADUs by right.
RV ordinance – other towns allow 1 or 2 for winter storage.

There has been a request for the release of the excavation bond for San-Ken. The Planning Board will need to make sure that all requirements have been met. The email received by the Town Administrator will be forwarded to the Chairs of the Planning Board and Select Board.

Jeff Gardenour asked if the building permit for his garage is still valid. This question needs to go to the Select Board.

Next meeting Tuesday, 6/11/2024 at 6:00 pm

Meeting adjourned at 7:02 pm, motion to adjourn by DeBonis

Minutes taken by Debra Harling. Approved on 06/11/2024.